My Passions

I have always been passionate about images and film. Since childhood I have deeply interested in the cinema, not from the perspective of an actor but rather from that of a director.

At age 14 I asked my father to buy me a movie camera. It was a Beaulieu 78, and I used it to shoot amateur movies. Sometimes I think that if I hadn’t been so passionate about medicine, I would have had a different career. Through images and sound, it is actually possible to reveal the other, to recognize the other, to make him or her live through a particular experience, to express something profound and share it.

Along with the perspective and maturity that come with age, there has certainly been no shortage of ideas. A long time ago, I wrote a novel about a subject that intrigued me, and which could have been the source of a very good screenplay. Realizing this project would be a thrilling project, but I have neither the time nor the skills to get it underway.

So, I tell myself that the most important thing to do now is to keep writing about the different research projects I’ve been conducting on cellular information. This is titanic work, demanding time, reflection and, above all, experimentation.

passion chanteuseToday, what intrigues me most is observing the behavioral dynamic that is expressed not only through gestures but also through the voice. Whether it is the vocal gesture or the way that a musician touches his instrument, the gesture always has a rapport with each person’s internal dynamic. This means that when we help a musician rediscover his or her deep internal reference points, indispensable for the affirmation of an integrated personality, the notes that sound, from the instrument or from the musician, are part of a coherent motor coordination.

passion violonMy dream would be to play in an orchestra or sing in a choir, where each person gives the best of him or herself. Achieving mere technique is one thing; reaching the level of art, for me, means expressing the human potential buried in each of us. This artistic expression is exactly the area of fundamental research I have been exploring for years, a potential just waiting to be delivered.




Patrick Véret


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I have always been passionate about medicine. At the beginning, though, surgery was what interested...

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As most physical ailments are simply the result of the organism’s failure to self-regulate, ...


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