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Nutripuncture® Research

As most physical ailments are simply the result of the organism’s failure to self-regulate, I am interested in how vital cellular information applies to a number of different fields. Therefore, I have used mineral complexes as a way of studying the different areas in which psychosomatic problems arise. Today, we are beginning to understand the many different sources for these problems. Instead of trying to suppress the symptoms they engender, I have chosen, rather, to identify the deviated vital currents at their origins: without necessarily pursuing a therapeutic action, I have tried to help the organism regain its natural self-regulation.

Thanks to the discovery of the emergent properties in mineral complexes I have been able to reinforce the body’s vital currents (the very currents in which the vital cellular information circulates) and to conduct research in several different areas.

Here are some of the areas my research:

First of all, there is the field of vocal expression, the transmission of each person’s internal landscape (not only psychic and emotional, but also molecular) through the sonorities of the voice. We have gradually observed that of the activation of the vital currents, in men and women alike, allows the voice to take on a new dimension, what we now call the “pluridimensional voice.” Listening to these voices activates parts of the brain that are not activated by “normal” voices. With a team of neurological researchers, we have conducted MRI brain research. The images yielded by this research show the indirect effects of the dynamization of the vital currents on the brain activity of the listener: his or her brain activates pre-motor, sensory and motor areas, and the capacity for attention and concentration are increased. These are promising results that, although they need to be explored in greater depth, already allow us to imagine a number of different applications, especially in the areas of communication, education, and related fields.

I am also interested in sports as a way of fine-tuning a person’s proprioception and coordination. The soundness of a person’s own body-map and identity expression are fundamental parameters for optimal performance (always, of course, respecting the limits of his or her capacities). We have worked with a number of different athletic organizations. Our experiences with the young high-level athletes at the Gustavo Onesti center in Rome have been particularly significant for us. In the area of psychomotricity, I have conducted a number of workshops on functional organization and the architecture of the body, showing the interaction between different structures in the body and the circulation of the vital currents. By reactivating the vital currents, we can help each athlete recover his or her overall physical and psychic dynamic. A book about this will soon be published by Dauphin press.

I have also led vision seminars and participated in related studies that have opened up new avenues for the applications of Nutripuncture. A study of AMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration) has yielded interesting results, as we can see in these photos of the retina before and after Nutripuncture.®

I am also interested in the feminine cycles and its disturbances, as related to imbalances in the body and the vital currents they involve. This is why this nutritional approach, as practiced by me and by other doctors, has had such positive effects on feminine rhythms. We are now studying endometriosis, a very serious condition for those women who suffer from it. It has been shown that the dynamization of the vital currents, through specific sequences of mineral micro-doses, yields significant results. Women who have been suffering for years have testified to an improvement after just a few months of treatment.

As for stress, there are certain events that mark a person for life. Our research on the vital impulses that are activated when stressful events occur (death, rape, relocation, etc.) allows us to help people rediscover their integrity and re-project themselves in life.

Thus, throughout the course of thirty years of research, I have gradually opened up new areas of research, with a number of different applications, in the world of well-being. We have been fortunate in having at our disposal a set highly efficient “tools,” modeled on the language of the body. We use these 33 tool, made up of specific mineral complexes, to activate the body’s vital currents. Discovered, one by one, beginning in 1983, they are at the core of ongoing, international research on the complexity of human life.

My own continuing research draws on discoveries in neuroscience and, more recently, in quantum physics, discoveries for which Nutripuncture® provides a concrete application.

Patrick Véret


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I have always been passionate about medicine. At the beginning, though, surgery was what interested...

My Research

As most physical ailments are simply the result of the organism’s failure to self-regulate, ...


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